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  • Automatic Void Fill Air Cushion Machine
    - Voltage, 110V/220V can be custom, adapt to the power requirements of different countries
    - Material, plastic air film, kraft paper air film is available to the machine
    - Application, this is a compact and lightweight inflator, mainly used for continuous roll air pillow, continuous roll air bubble bags, multi-row air pillow film.
  • White Anti Tarnish Tissue Paper
    - Material, made of high qualtity 17/30g white tissue paper
    - Size, 6"*6", 5"*7" is normal size, other size can custom
    - Application, is free of lint to prevent damage to jewelry and other delicate items, safe for all types of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other precious items.
  • Fragile Sticker
    - Material, high qualtity paper with handle with care printing text
    - Size, sticker is 1"*3" size, 250pcs/roll, other size and design can be custom
    - Application, come with clear text and noticeable design with white font in red background, these fragile stickers for moving can easily catch the couriers' eyes and help to ship and move your packages carefully.
  • Silver Polyester Label
    - Material, made from silver polyester and pressure sensitive adhesive
    - Size, size and printing can be custom according to customer's requirement
    - Application, these Silver Polyester Labels are excellent for asset and equipment labeling in many indoor and outdoor environments. Suitable applications include product identification, property identification or asset tags, and durable goods labeling.
  • Honeycomb Pad
    - Material, made from high qualtity paper cardboard
    - Size, normal size is 40"*48", 48"*96", thickness can custom according to the item weight
    -Application, honeycomb sheets are an eco friendly packaging option. Use flat between pallets. Superior cushioning strength for file cabinets, desks and auto parts. Lightweight but strong enough to reuse, with superior strength for blocking, bracing or layering.
  • Ice Bag with Drawstring
    - Material, made from high-quality plastic, come with sturdy drawstrings for easy carrying
    - Size, 8lbs,10lbs, 20lbs is normal size to custom your logo, widely use in different scenerios
    - Application, these bags are perfect for filling and storing a block of ice from your fridge's ice maker and are an ideal size for coolers when traveling.
  • Honeycomb Paper Sleeve
    - Material, high qualtity 50/70g kraft honeycomb paper
    - Size, standard size is 1*22cm, 1*35cm, 1*45cm, other size can be custom according to customer's requirement
    - Application, replaces traditional plastic, bubble, and other packaging products in terms of properties and efficiency. The stylish and natural packaging gives your goods an attractive and eco-conscious appearance. The excellent choice for e-commerce businesses, promotional campaigns, packing goods, etc.
  • Rubber Adhesive White Kraft Paper Tape
    - Material, White self-adhesive kraft tape made of standard 65g soft and high strength paper, water proof and writable surface treatment. Soft texture material good for edge of the carton sealing, no flicking after sealed.
    - Printing, White base material more distinct for customized printing, we offer Pantone color and cmyk HD printing. Also accept your color samples code according to your brand.
    - Adhesive, nature rubber adhesive is high-performance for temperature, customized for cold chain with steady glue. Wherever in the -40°C freezer or over 60°C container/hot climate. Canada beef, Norway seafood would be best choice.
    - Application, Paper and adhsive can be custom according to the boxes or bag sealing, light weight paper 42g and 55g can apply on the small box or inner pack. 65g is standard pack for outer carton.
  • Self Adhesive White Paper Tape Hot Melt
    - Material, 65g white high strength paper with hot melt adhesive, no flicking after sealed.
    - Printing, distinct, Pantone color, cmyk HD printing, color samples code available.
    - Adhesive, economy and most popular hot melt glue has strong adhesion, paper and adhesive can be custom according to the boxes or bag sealing, light weight paper 40g can apply on the small box or inner pack.
  • PP Woven Fabric Laminated Kraft Paper
    - Material, made from PP fabric woven and kraft paper
    - Size, different size can be custom according to application
    - Application, this is a popular product overseas when you need strong packaging that folds, bends and tapes like standard brown paper but doesn't tear or break when you bend it. The adhered woven fabric makes the brown paper quite tear resistant and super strong compared to any other packaging paper or cardboard or GSM weight in the marketplace.
  • Anti Slip Pallet Paper
    - Material, made from 90/130/250g kraft paper, double side anti slip coating
    - Size, standard size is 40"*48", 37"*45", other size can custom according to the pallet size
    - Application, it is most commonly used as a pallet liner or tie sheet to stabilize products packed on a pallet. It is preferred in many applications due to its high coefficient of friction.
  • Kraft Liner Slip Sheet
    - Material, made from kraft liner, has strong resistance
    - Size, our slip sheets can be shaped to any required dimensions
    - Application, slip sheets replace wooden pallets, reduce shipping and storage costs. We can also offer slip sheets with different coatings, as antislip coating enhances the stability of a pallet or PE coating helps increase the water-resistance of the Slip Sheet.
  • Pallet Wrapping Paper
    - Material, 40g kraft paper with weak adhesive
    - Size, normal size is 430mm*100m, other size can be custom
    - Application, it works well for symmetrical, square pallets. It provides solid protection and adhesion to ensure integrity of goods during transport. This paper product can stretch into shape, maximizing the strength and stiffness of its fibers, creating a much stronger wrap.
  • Kraft Paper Air Pillow
    - Material, Kraft Paper , PLA and PBAT Film
    - Size, 20*10cm and 20*12cm 220m is the normal size, other size can be custom according to customer
    - Application, Air pillow design that prevents internal product movement and impact for greater transport protectionit is eco friendly and biodegradable alternative to plastic air pillow.
  • Kraft Paper Air Bubble
    - Material, Kraft Paper , PLA and PBAT Film
    - Size, 40*28.6cm and 40*33cm 110m is the normal size, other size can be custom according to customer
    - Application, it is eco friendly and biodegradable cushion air bubble alternative to plastic air pillow. Kraft paper air bubble works with air cushion machine to improve packaging efficiency, save storage, inflate on demand.
  • Paper Bubble
    - Material, based on 80g kraft paper
    - Bubble Size, bubble diameter 12mm, bubble depth 5mm, bubble shape can be custom according to customer requirement
    - Application, paper bubbles can stack perfectly to reduce the shipping cost and save warehouse room. It is an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bubble.
  • Floor Surface Protector
    - Material, made from high qualtity 200g kraft paper
    - Printing, 1-4 colors printing is available
    - Application, the kraft paper floor surface protector is breathable and reusable making it great for paint and remodel jobs. The tough painter's board protects a variety of surfaces from liquids, paints, mud and heavy traffic.
  • Masking Kraft Paper
    - Material, 35/40/45/50g virgin kraft paper can choose
    - Size, can be custom according to customer's requirement
    - Application, protecting surfaces from paint drips and overspray, likewise, it is effective at protecting from dust, debris, and dirt, use when painting trim, windows and doors.
  • Cardboard Edge Protector
    - Material, made of tough paper material for effective cushioning
    - Size, can be customized upon request
    - Application, ​it's lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand the impact of shipping bulky items. It can be used to transport ceramic tiles, wood, marble, steel or iron, metal, glass and other materials.It can be used to transport ceramic tiles, wood, marble, steel or iron, metal, glass and other materials.
  • Honeycomb Kraft Paper Dispenser Set
    - Material, 80g honeycomb kraft paper
    - Color, brown is the standard color, other color can be customized
    - Application, it's easy to use, honeycomb paper can easily stretch well. It is not only used for packaging and protection, it is also used to improve production and logistics efficiency.
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