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  • Steel Wrapping Paper
    - Material, 160g recycled paper, fiber and PE film coated, with two types of hand-used and machine-used
    - Size, normal width 9cm, jumbo roll 1050mm width, size can be custom
    - Application, it has the advantages of good tensile performance, strong retraction force, good puncture resistance and so on. It is widely used in automatic packaging of steel coils to achieve the effect of dustproof, reduce labor and improve efficiency.
  • Manual Honeycomb Paper Dispenser
    - Material, made from metal
    - Size, 38mm inner core 530mm width, 50mm inner core 550mm width, honeycomb paper diameter 25cm, white backing paper diameter 24cm
    - Application, consists of a sturdy frame with slots or compartments where honeycomb paper sheets or panels can be inserted. The dispenser allows for easy access and retrieval of the honeycomb paper, ensuring convenience and efficiency in handling the material.
  • Paper Rope Strap
    - Material, made from high strength paper rope
    - Size, normal size is 12mm*3000m, other size can be custom
    - Application, it has two kinds, with or without glue. When you use the without glue one, need to add glue or use the iron nail machine to strap the paper strap, gives a professional result and retains its shape and strength even when wet.
  • Electric Strapping Machine
    - Battery, Large capacity 4.0Ah battery,50/60Hz,57.6Wh
    - Strapping Size, 0.4-1.2mm thickness, 13-16mm width PP/PET strap can be used
    - Application, compared with manual strapping machines, automatic strapping machines can save you a lot of time and labor. The machine combines tensioning, cutter, and banding in one machine, with no need for buckle or seals, while improving efficiency, reducing the waste of strapping roll, and saving steel resources.
  • Manual Strapping Tool
    - Material, 2 pcs packing machine set, including tensioner, sealer and cutter
    - Strapping Size, available pp and paper strap, strap width 12-16mm, thickness less than 2.5mm
    - Application, simply structure for easy operation, robust metal construction for durability. For best results, use our manual strapping tools with PP or paper strap and strapping seals.
  • Paper Strap
    - Material, made from high qualtity kraft paper
    - Size, normal width 5/9/12mm, 2000m length, other size can be customed
    - Application, paper strap is the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic strap . The strap is strong, gives a professional result and retains its shape and strength even when wet. The paper strap is fully recyclable, via the normal paper flow.
  • Container Paper Air Dunnage Bag
    - Material, outer 65g kraft paper laminated 70g PP woven fabric, inner 75mic PA film
    - Size, normal size 500mm*1000mm, 800mm*1200mm, 900mm*1800mm, 1000mm*1800mm, 1000mm*2200mm, 1200mm*2400mm
    - Application, it is a protective packaging solution designed to provide load stabilization and bracing support during transit. Easy-to-install , paper air dunnage bags can substantially reduce or eliminate damaged product.
  • Parchment Baking Paper with Serrated Cutter
    - Material, made from 40g double sided parchment paper, pattern can be custom according to customer
    - Size, standard size is 30cm width, 5/10/20m length, other size can be custom
    - Application, parchment paper roll with sharp serration can be used for half sheet or full sheet baking pan. Parchment baking paper can be cut into any sizes you want, its adaptability is very good. Cooking papers can be used for baking cakes, cookies, breads, meat, desserts, etc.
  • Greaseproof Wax Paper
    - Material, 40g wax paper, coated single side or double side
    - Printing, logo can be clearly printing on the paper
    - Application, this newspaper print wax paper is made of quality wax paper, which is odorless, reliable and has stable heat resistance and oil resistance; Besides, it is not easy to tear or fade, and you can apply them trustingly for a long time.
  • Bag Sack Sealing Kraft Tape
    - Material, made from kraft paper and hot melt glue
    - Size, normal 75mm width, other size can be custom according to customer requirement
    - Application, mainly used in kraft paper composite bags with top and bottom seals by automatic heat seal machine, hot melt kraft paper tape is easy and fast to use. Application in rice, fertilizers, building materials, logistics packaging, etc..
  • PP Woven Fabric Laminated Kraft Paper
    - Material, made from PP fabric woven and kraft paper
    - Size, different size can be custom according to application
    - Application, this is a popular product overseas when you need strong packaging that folds, bends and tapes like standard brown paper but doesn't tear or break when you bend it. The adhered woven fabric makes the brown paper quite tear resistant and super strong compared to any other packaging paper or cardboard or GSM weight in the marketplace.
  • Poly Bag Sealer
    - Material, made from metal with ABS
    - Tape Size, 12mm width, paper core 76mm, max tape diameter 14cm is available
    - Application, blue, red, black color machine can choose, quick pull out tape, easy to operate. Comes with pre-drilled holes on the base for mounting and Integrated with trimmer to for faster sealing application.
  • Biodegradable Packing List Envelope
    - Material, 40g paper with hot melt glue, release paper, biodegradable
    - Printing, normal with "DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED" printing, logo can be custom
    - Application, our envelopes are used by trucking companies for shipping packing slips, invoices, daily use and industrial use. It is also used by courier companies to hold courier slips.
  • Colored Letter Envelope
    - Material, made of high qualtity 110g colorful paper
    - Size, 11*16cm is normal size, other size can be custom
    - Application, these colored envelopes letter is lightweight and long lasting, wear and tear resistant, not easy to deform or fade, providing you with a smooth and enjoyable writing experience.
  • Kraft Paper Mailer Bag
    - Material, 80-150g white/brown color kraft paper
    - Printing, both side of the mailer can be printed, logo can be clearly printing on the paper
    - Application, packaging features a self-sealing peel off strip that allows for super quick closing with no need for tape. provide your package a premium kraft exterior look when arriving to your recipient.
  • Anti Slip Pallet Paper
    - Material, made from 90/130/250g kraft paper, double side anti slip coating
    - Size, standard size is 40"*48", 37"*45", other size can custom according to the pallet size
    - Application, it is most commonly used as a pallet liner or tie sheet to stabilize products packed on a pallet. It is preferred in many applications due to its high coefficient of friction.
  • Kraft Liner Slip Sheet
    - Material, made from kraft liner, has strong resistance
    - Size, our slip sheets can be shaped to any required dimensions
    - Application, slip sheets replace wooden pallets, reduce shipping and storage costs. We can also offer slip sheets with different coatings, as antislip coating enhances the stability of a pallet or PE coating helps increase the water-resistance of the Slip Sheet.
  • Masking Kraft Paper
    - Material, 35/40/45/50g virgin kraft paper can choose
    - Size, can be custom according to customer's requirement
    - Application, protecting surfaces from paint drips and overspray, likewise, it is effective at protecting from dust, debris, and dirt, use when painting trim, windows and doors.
  • Masking Film Dispenser
    - Material, made from plastic and metal
    - Size, popular size is 8*10cm and 8*20cm
    - Application, this masking film cutter can be used as a cutting tool for masking films and masking kraft paper. Manual operation, simple and fast. Can save time and improve work efficiency.
  • Pre Taped Masking Kraft Paper
    -Material, made from 16mm tape with 35g kraft paper
    -Size, 100-750mm multiple width kraft paper is available, popular length is 20m
    -Application, this pretaped masking paper features with premium masking paper and painter tape together, cover and secure with one action, quick and easy protection for most surfaces, saving your time in painting.
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