Aluminum Wrapping Paper

  • Aluminum Strapping Kraft Paper
    - Material, 330g kraft paper, fiber and PE film coated
    - Size, jumbo roll 1050mm width, size can be custom
    - Application, smooth and soft wrapping paper to prevent scratches on the board surface, with PE film coated, waterproof and moisture-proof function, low water vapor transmission rate. Excellent physical strength and elongation, suitable for wrapping.
  • Steel Wrapping Paper
    - Material, 160g recycled paper, fiber and PE film coated, with two types of hand-used and machine-used
    - Size, normal width 9cm, jumbo roll 1050mm width, size can be custom
    - Application, it has the advantages of good tensile performance, strong retraction force, good puncture resistance and so on. It is widely used in automatic packaging of steel coils to achieve the effect of dustproof, reduce labor and improve efficiency.
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