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  • Manual Honeycomb Paper Dispenser
    - Material, made from metal
    - Size, 38mm inner core 530mm width, 50mm inner core 550mm width, honeycomb paper diameter 25cm, white backing paper diameter 24cm
    - Application, consists of a sturdy frame with slots or compartments where honeycomb paper sheets or panels can be inserted. The dispenser allows for easy access and retrieval of the honeycomb paper, ensuring convenience and efficiency in handling the material.
  • Electric Strapping Machine
    - Battery, Large capacity 4.0Ah battery,50/60Hz,57.6Wh
    - Strapping Size, 0.4-1.2mm thickness, 13-16mm width PP/PET strap can be used
    - Application, compared with manual strapping machines, automatic strapping machines can save you a lot of time and labor. The machine combines tensioning, cutter, and banding in one machine, with no need for buckle or seals, while improving efficiency, reducing the waste of strapping roll, and saving steel resources.
  • Manual Strapping Tool
    - Material, 2 pcs packing machine set, including tensioner, sealer and cutter
    - Strapping Size, available pp and paper strap, strap width 12-16mm, thickness less than 2.5mm
    - Application, simply structure for easy operation, robust metal construction for durability. For best results, use our manual strapping tools with PP or paper strap and strapping seals.
  • Poly Bag Sealer
    - Material, made from metal with ABS
    - Tape Size, 12mm width, paper core 76mm, max tape diameter 14cm is available
    - Application, blue, red, black color machine can choose, quick pull out tape, easy to operate. Comes with pre-drilled holes on the base for mounting and Integrated with trimmer to for faster sealing application.
  • Masking Film Dispenser
    - Material, made from plastic and metal
    - Size, popular size is 8*10cm and 8*20cm
    - Application, this masking film cutter can be used as a cutting tool for masking films and masking kraft paper. Manual operation, simple and fast. Can save time and improve work efficiency.
  • Manual Shrink Wrap Dispenser
    - Type, yellow and white type can choose
    - Wrapping Size, suitable for film width 45/50cm, paper core 76mm
    - Application, easy to install and use for packing job, portable and lightweight for industrial use, warehouse packing, heavy-duty stretch wrap dispenser. Telescopic button design for more stable and convenient operation; Rubber non-slip handle to ensure safety.
  • Automatic Carton Wrapping Machine
    - Voltage, 220V, 50/60Hz,120W
    - Wrapping Size, 10-90cm width stretch film and paper can use, max diameter 30cm
    - Application, it is a simple and convenient device to wrap carton boxes and objects of similar geometry using stretch film. Stretch wrapped protection can be given to small & medium sized objects packed in carton boxes, cans, tins, drums, etc..
  • Automatic Honeycomb Paper Dispenser
    - Voltage, 110V/220V can choose
    - Size, 500mm width honeycomb paper and 300mm width white tissue paper can be used
    - Application, easy to load paper, slow loading mode for safe loading. Optional choice of blade for good looking,low cut failure and easy to replace blade.
  • Automatic Heat Sealing Banding Machine
    - Power, AC 110/220V, 50Hz, 80W
    - Banding Tape Material, Paper and OPP is available, 20/30mm width, 40mm core, 150m length
    - Application, the machine is feeding with OPP strap or coated paper strap roll, sub-materials like glues, hot melts, etc. are not used so that the banded products are kept clean and tidy.
  • Automatic Self Adhesive Tape Dispenser
    - Voltage, 100V/220V can be custom, adapt to the power requirements of different countries
    - Size, 6-60mm tape width, 5-999mm tape length can adjustable, multipul tape type can use with the machine
    - Application, it is compatible with a wide range of tapes, including scotch tape, kraft paper tape, fiber tape, warning tape, and more. It features automatic mode for hands-free use and manual mode for precise cuts according to your needs.
  • Manual Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser
    - Material, metal and plastic
    - Available Tape Size, 100mm width and 20cm diameter
    - Application, it is designed to seal carton by applying water activated tape, can be used in a restriction on space, such as small factory, monopolization shop, warehouse and workshop, etc.. Widely used in the fields of domestic electrical appliance, foodstuffs, general merchandise, medicine and chemical industry.
  • Self Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser
    - Material, metal and ABS
    - Available Tape Size, 55mm width and 12cm diameter
    - Application, it is a convenient tool designed specifically for dispensing and cutting self adhesive kraft paper tape, widely use in express packaging, warehouse, house office moving, logistics, etc..
  • Desktop Water Activated Tape Dispenser
    - Material, metal and plastic
    - Available Tape Size, 80mm width and 17cm diameter
    - Application, it is a cutter for water activated kraft paper tape. It only needs to put the tape on and add water to the sponge inside. When the tape is pulled out, it will be evenly wetted with water, which will activate the adhesiveness of the tape.
  • Automatic Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape Carton Sealing Machine
    - Voltage, AC 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz 1P can choose
    - Available Tape Size, 48-75mm width and 420mm roll diameter gummed tape is available, can improve packing efficiency
    - Available Carton Size, max unlimitedx500x600mm(L*W*H), min 170x170x130mm(L*W*H)
    - Application, it uses water active tape to seal the box, green, economic, fast, easy to adjust. Mainly suitable for carton sealing packaging, can not only single operation, also can be used with the assembly line.
  • Automatic Lightweight Paper Cushion Machine
    - Voltage, 110V-240V can be custom, adapt to the power requirements of different countries
    - Paper Material, kraft paper roll, fanfold kraft paper and honeycomb paper is available to the machine
    - Mode, it has three operation modes, automatic mode, compensation mode, pedal mode,can be freely selected according to the demand.
    - Application, it squeeezes and folds the paper, makes the paper into the paper cushion with function like filling,wrapping,padding and bracing.
  • Automatic Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser
    - Voltage, 110V or 220V is available
    - Available Tape Size, 40-80mm tape width, within 20cm diameter is suitable for the machine
    - Application, it's the machine that specialize in handling and cutting wet tapes. Designed to increase operator productivity, reduce material costs, dispense tape to consistent lengths, reduce operator fatigue, accept virtually any type of tape, and provide straight cuts for better looking taped products and packages.
  • Automatic Paper Cushion Machine
    - Voltage,110V/220V can choose
    - Available Paper Material, single layer 50g,70g,80g paper, double layer 50g paper
    - Application, this is a kind of mobile paper pad packing machine, which can effectively improve the packing speed and save time and effort. It can fill double layer 50g kraft paper which can offer more cushion effect.
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