Kraft Paper

  • Z Fanfold Kraft Paper
    - Material, 50/70/80g kraft paper can custom for the different application
    - Size, single fold 380mm*190mm is suitable for the normal paper cushion machine in the market, other fold can be custom.
    - Application, it is suitable for all kinds of items that need cushioning protection, such as electronic products, glass products, ceramic products, books and so on. It is widely used in logistics, express delivery, warehousing, transportation and other industries to provide safe and reliable transportation protection for items.
  • Kraft Paper Roll
    - Material, natural, pure, virgin pulps kraft paper
    - Printing, logo and pattern can be custom on the paper
    - Application, it is the classic kraft paper for elegant and stylish gift-wrapping for those who care about self-destroying packaging and the cleanliness of the environment. The perfect choice for art and DIY projects and all in-house purposes such as decorations, tablecloths, bulletin boards.
  • Kraft Paper Carrier Tape
    - Material, 440g kraft paper
    - Size, normal is 18mm width, other size can be custom
    - Application, used in conjunction with hot melt adhesive tapes for taping of finished electronic components. Suitable for taping middle size electronic components such as capacitors, diodes, LED etc.
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