Auto Aftermarket Solution

  • Floor Surface Protector
    - Material, made from high qualtity 200g kraft paper
    - Printing, 1-4 colors printing is available
    - Application, the kraft paper floor surface protector is breathable and reusable making it great for paint and remodel jobs. The tough painter's board protects a variety of surfaces from liquids, paints, mud and heavy traffic.
  • Masking Kraft Paper
    - Material, 35/40/45/50g virgin kraft paper can choose
    - Size, can be custom according to customer's requirement
    - Application, protecting surfaces from paint drips and overspray, likewise, it is effective at protecting from dust, debris, and dirt, use when painting trim, windows and doors.
  • Cohesive Tapes For Wrapping Automatic Parts
    - Material, 100g kraft paper and rubber glue
    - Size, different size is available according to customer requirement
    - Application, cohesive paper is a low versatile packaging material with a cohesive coating on the inside. Using cohesive paper, you can wrap and protect against surface scratches on virtually all finished products no matter the size, shape or form.
  • Cohesive Tapes For Wrapping Furniture
    - Material, made from high quality kraft paper and rubber adhesive
    - Size, popular size is 500mm width, other size can be custom
    - Application, using cohesive paper, you can wrap and protect against surface scratches on virtually all finished products no matter the size, shape or form. Cohesive coating leaves no residue and will not stick to your products, bonds instantly with no heat necessary.
  • Paint Spray Booth Filter Carton
    - Material, made from kraft paper cardboard
    - Size, 48*48*32cm, 48*48*50cm is the popular size, other size can be custom
    - Application, carton paint filter is a new type of environmental protection products of dry spray booth, suitable for water-based paint spraying operation, it makes spray paint, spray oil no longer pollute, can effectively intercept the paint particles in the spraying process, reduce air pollution, protect the working environment.
  • Carton Paper Labyrinth Paint Mist Filter
    - Material, made from high qualtity kraft cardboard, fill with kraft honeycomb paper and absorbent cotton
    - Size, standard size is 485*485*500mm, other size can be custom
    - Application, box filters designed primarily for use in paint booths. They are characterized by easy installation and, when folded, easy transport and storage. Used for paint mist separation process in automobile painting industry, paint booth, coating, chemical industry and other industries.
  • Wire Trim Edge Cutting Tape
    - Material, made from PET double sided tape, steel wire and release paper
    - Size, 8mm*30m is the standard size, other size can be custom
    - Application, the wire tape makes the process of installing a spray on bedliner much faster and easier. It also greatly reduces the chance of damaging the truck bed or body, as the product cuts from the bottom up.
  • Pre Taped Masking Kraft Paper
    -Material, made from 16mm tape with 35g kraft paper
    -Size, 100-750mm multiple width kraft paper is available, popular length is 20m
    -Application, this pretaped masking paper features with premium masking paper and painter tape together, cover and secure with one action, quick and easy protection for most surfaces, saving your time in painting.
  • Masking Tape
    - Material, crepe paper and rubber glue
    - Printing, white, yellow, blue and orange or other colors tape can be chose, all base color can be printed
    - Adhesive, based on different application, we have a serie of masking tape
    - Application, it is available in a variety of widths, using mainly in painting, to mask off areas that should not be painted. In painting, spraying, plating and other processes, use masking tapes to protect areas that do not require coatings to maintain the integrity and aesthetics of the surface
  • Washi Tape

    ​- Material, 42g, 55g and 65g for different industrial application.
    - Printing, white, yellow, blue and black tape can be chose, all base color can be printed.
    - Adhesive, rubber adhesive or water base adhesive is optional.
    - Application, the washi paper is soft, suitable for sports equipment, rubber, plastic parts and construction sites, indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration, spraying, painting when masking purposes. Adhesive moderate, most of the smooth surfaces, curved or corner has a good adhesion and masking, good workability, quickly removed after use, does not leave residual adhesive.
  • Curing Tape
    - Material, 150μm PE+Fabric or Without Fabric
    - Adhesive, strong pressure sensitive or weak water acrylic can be custom according to the item sealing
    - Application, it is easy tear by hand, no residual and waterproof. Widely use in upholstery, floor protection, strapping, spray masking, marine, monitor, LCD protection, marble surface protection, air conditioners, printers, refrigerators, and packaging, etc..
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