• Honeycomb Kraft Paper Dispenser Set
    - Material, 80g honeycomb kraft paper
    - Color, brown is the standard color, other color can be customized
    - Application, it's easy to use, honeycomb paper can easily stretch well. It is not only used for packaging and protection, it is also used to improve production and logistics efficiency.
  • Honeycomb Kraft Paper Dispenser With White Paper Liner Set
    - Material, 80g honeycomb kraft paper and 24g white tissue paper
    - Printing, tissue paper has good printing effect, can be printed in Pantone color and cmyk HD printing.
    - Application,it's unique honeycomb structure provides excellent cushioning to protect packaged items from damage. With white paper liner, the item is good protect from scraping. The dispenser can improve production and logistics efficiency.
  • Insulated Shipping Box
    - Material, made of quality kraft paper, foam board and aluminum film
    - Printing, logo and pattern can be custom on the box surface
    - Application, these boxes for shipping are lightweight and practical, easy to carry, reliable and not easy to break saving you time and effort.
  • Paint Spray Booth Filter Carton
    - Material, made from kraft paper cardboard
    - Size, 48*48*32cm, 48*48*50cm is the popular size, other size can be custom
    - Application, carton paint filter is a new type of environmental protection products of dry spray booth, suitable for water-based paint spraying operation, it makes spray paint, spray oil no longer pollute, can effectively intercept the paint particles in the spraying process, reduce air pollution, protect the working environment.
  • Carton Paper Labyrinth Paint Mist Filter
    - Material, made from high qualtity kraft cardboard, fill with kraft honeycomb paper and absorbent cotton
    - Size, standard size is 485*485*500mm, other size can be custom
    - Application, box filters designed primarily for use in paint booths. They are characterized by easy installation and, when folded, easy transport and storage. Used for paint mist separation process in automobile painting industry, paint booth, coating, chemical industry and other industries.
  • Parchment Baking Paper with Serrated Cutter
    - Material, made from 40g double sided parchment paper, pattern can be custom according to customer
    - Size, standard size is 30cm width, 5/10/20m length, other size can be custom
    - Application, parchment paper roll with sharp serration can be used for half sheet or full sheet baking pan. Parchment baking paper can be cut into any sizes you want, its adaptability is very good. Cooking papers can be used for baking cakes, cookies, breads, meat, desserts, etc.
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