Electronic Solution

  • Kraft Paper Carrier Tape
    - Material, 440g kraft paper
    - Size, normal is 18mm width, other size can be custom
    - Application, used in conjunction with hot melt adhesive tapes for taping of finished electronic components. Suitable for taping middle size electronic components such as capacitors, diodes, LED etc.
  • Hot Melt Crepe Paper Tape
    - Material, light yellow crepe paper with hot melt glue
    - Size, custom size according to customer's requirement
    - Application, the tape with low initial adhesive force, excellent adhesion immediately when heated, good fixing power in combination with paper tape carrier, high durability, weather resistance, good solvent resistance.
  • Cohesive Kraft Tape For Electronic Components
    - Material, 70g/80g/90g kraft paper and rubber glue
    - Size, 12mm and 20mm width is popular, custom other size is available
    - Application, cohesive paper tape is made from high qualtity kraft paper with low tack adhesive, self sticky can get good adhesion. It is good applied to masking of metalized capacitor.
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